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6 Jun

8 days ago we closed our cafe for a holiday of two weeks and I must say this past week has been my favorite time of owning a cafe.

That might initially make me sound a touch negative, but it’s really a huge positive. We decided, on the spot, that we would close for a week. And then we decided on a spot immediately after aforementioned spot that we would close for two weeks. This raises some questions.

In what other form of employment can you decide immediately that you’re going on holiday for two weeks without having to beg scrape and steal that time away from your employer?

I worked in a government job before my cafe, and we would have to negotiate and swindle time away months in advance and hope that no one else in the team wants that time off, hope that it’s not around school holidays when everyone wants the time off and hope that in that time there are no drastic changes to the workplace (which happen OFTEN in the government) before during or after my holiday so that I can try some semblance of relaxation in my time off.

How can a cafe owner justify closing their cafe in the middle of the year? Well, our cafe is going well enough to be able to confidently close for a two week holiday.

I’m wanting to give you some hints to ensure that your venture into the cafe world will allow you to prioritise some much deserved time off after months of hard work. Yes, hard work. And yes, only months.

Ignore what they say about businesses taking two years to start showing a profit. If you do it correctly, from the start, then you should be making a profit from day one.

So, how does one do it correctly? Read on.

Cafeowner Melbourne.


Owning a cafe in Melbourne

6 Jun

Hi everyone,

We own a successful cafe in Melbourne. We will share fun insightful insider information on owning a cafe with the idea that we’ll help others succeed AND dispel the notion that owning a cafe is romantic.

Success can be measured in many ways. As a business owner the best measure is profit.

However, after profit there are many aspects such as quality (we believe this is just as important as profit) high standards in food and an honest menu (no exaggerations please), respect for the customers (this is purely selfish as I might one day be your customer!), and emotional survival.

Onwards and upwards,

Cafeowner Melbourne